Discovering the Power of Horses to Transform Lives

At Strides Home, our passion for horses led us on a remarkable journey. Starting from humble beginnings, we identified a need and decided to make a difference. Thus, our business was born.

They say horses are like mirrors, reflecting our emotions and energy. And we couldn’t agree more. When we’re having a tough day, horses have this incredible ability to uplift our spirits. It’s like getting a second chance to turn our mood around. That’s why we love going for trail rides – where else can you find such a refreshing opportunity these days?

However, we quickly learned that appearances can be deceiving. Our mentor, Phil, taught us to look beyond the surface. A horse may seem docile and cooperative on the outside, but their true nature reveals itself back at the barn. We discovered the importance of finding the perfect match in terms of size and personality.

But let’s go back to the beginning. Our journey into the horse business wasn’t glamorous. We started from the very bottom, armed with a brush and shovel. Our parents instilled in us the value of hard work and insisted we earn our place in the horse world. So, we immersed ourselves in the barn, gaining invaluable experience. After a year of dedication, we finally bought our first horse at an auction. The feeling was indescribable – our dream had come true.

From there, our passion only grew stronger. We invested in a trailer and expanded our horse family. The connection we felt with our horses was unlike anything we had ever experienced. They live in the present, pulling you into the moment with them. It’s an incredible bond, like having a companion to navigate life’s adventures.

But our love for horses didn’t stop at personal enjoyment. We realized we wanted to share the joy with others, helping them find their perfect equine companion. Thus, our mission was born – to assist our customers in finding the ideal match.

And speaking of matches, we found ours too. Our smaller horse, with her fiery spirit and inquisitive nature, was the perfect fit. She perfectly mirrored our energy, challenging us and bringing out the best in us. And in addition to caring for our own horses, we now take care of others’ as well.

Welcome to Strides Home, where buying and selling horses is more than just a business – it’s an opportunity to transform lives. So join us on this incredible journey of finding the right horse and experiencing the profound connection that only these magnificent creatures can bring.

Finleigh and Irelynn

owners of strides home 2

When you visit the Farm

Our 200 acres in Gibbon Glade, Pennsylvania, provide scenic pastures and trails for you and your prospective horse to get to know each. other.

We have professional and capable staff on hand of which our operations rely on. You’ll see the unique understanding and respect they have for horses when you visit. Our Trails Home program can be a powerful experience. Similar to humans, horses build relationships throughout their lives. They are looking for companionship, trust and stability and at least one of them is looking for YOU!

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